Saturday, February 26, 2011

Small Steps Towards a New Spring

Last week on my Facebook page, I rejoiced in the first bloom of the witch hazel in my garden. A few days of unseasonably warm weather signaled a false spring and forced the first buds to burst forth nearly three weeks earlier than last year's March 6 bloom. Temperatures more normal for late February returned, slowing what is normally a quick transformation from dormancy to full bloom.

Today, on a day where a cold mist falls on the edge of freezing, I found the witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis) in a state that could best be described as ... unsure. She almost seems hesitant to reveal her beauty, for fear of another cold snap.

I will wait patiently as this harbinger takes small steps toward a new spring, where she will fully spread her wings and reveal her grace once again. Spring comes when she's ready.


  1. You really need to get up close to admire these brave blooms. I am still waiting for mine (a vernalis and a hybrid 'Diane') to unfurl. Both are still closed up tight and sitting in a 3 foot bank of accumulated snowpack. I'll have to come here to get my witch hazel fix!

  2. I need to do some catching up with my blog reading, Chris! You clearly have won the Witch Hazel race this year! Mine are still tight buds, but it doesn't surprise me, since they were totally under snow until a couple of days ago. They may move faster now that we're to get a bit of a warm-up and some sun. I wonder what color mine will be this year!

  3. Kylee, I went out this evening and mine is still in a holding pattern. We were up to 46 today, so I'd imagine it'll start opening more this week.

  4. Mine looks to be a lot more yellow this year. Last year, it was a really deep red-orange.