Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Siren on a Stem

Breathtaking. Overwhelming. Perfection. I found myself in sensory overdrive yesterday, on my back looking up at the most perfect lily I've ever seen. Her petals curled back as if they were being drawn upwards by the crisp blue sky. A blush of pink led my eye towards the green star of new life at her center.

Five iridescent anthers danced in the wind, dangling precipitously at the ends of ivory filaments, surrounding the curved style in the center. The microscopic grains of pollen may have been raining down on me, but I would not have felt them for my other senses were held in rapt attention. My eyes fixed on the incredible saturation of color, my nose awash in a cascade of perfume that seemed to pool on the ground around me.

I could have lain below these blooms for hours, the perfection of their form so mesmerizing, their scent so intoxicating. A Siren on a stem, but without the rocky shore.

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